Political Work Department Organ Party Office

1. Be responsible for publicity of the Party's lines, principles and policies and organizing Party members and the staff to learn political theories.
2. Earnestly implement the Working Regulations for the Grass-roots Organizations of Chinese Communist Party and State Organs, develop the Party construction programs and plans of the organ and organize their implementation.
3. Organize implementation of Party Construction Work Responsibility System of Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine System and direct the Party construction of this system. Be responsible for education, management and surveillance of the Party members of the organ.
4. Develop the measures to improve this system's spiritual civilization and ideological and political work surrounding the superior's work arrangement and the missions of the inspection and quarantine center and organize their implementation.
5. Organize and develop construction of spiritual civilization in the organ.
6. Organize and guide the ideological and political work of all departments under this system and this bureau organ.
7. Undertake the secretary work of this bureau's Party organization theory learning central team and the democratic life meeting.
8. Guide the work of the organ's labor union.
9. Guide the work of the organ's commission of league. ; guide the youth's work of this system.
10. Assist the work of aiding the poor.
11. Undertake other business assigned by the superior Party organization and bureau leadership.
Office Head: Li Zhengfa
Subordinate Sections: Organization Section, Publicity and Education Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345131