Health Supervision Department

1. Implement the work arrangements, plans, rules and regulations of AQSIQ on health quarantine inspection, sanitary supervision, monitoring of infectious diseases, sanitary disposal, research and develop the relevant working regulations, implementation regulations of this system and organize their implementation.
2. Manage the health quarantine inspection of all entry and exit persons, transportation staff and transport vehicles of Jiangsu Province.
3. Collect and deliver domestic and international information on infectious diseases; prepare the prevention and control plans to address the outbreak of infectious diseases; manage the disease monitoring, protective inoculation, physical examination and treatment of infectious diseases of entry and exit persons of the whole province, collaborate with relevant departments to study and develop the construction plan of infectious disease laboratories.
4. Be responsible for supervision and management of the hygiene of entry and exit transport vehicles of the whole province, the assessment and accreditation of the hygiene permits of national territory port production and operation units, storage sites and service businesses. (Note: The Decree No. 80 of the State Administration for Entry &Exit Inspection and Quarantine has ordered to deliver the qualification assessment and accreditation of port "three certificates" to each port bureau), organize survey and collection of the distribution information of domestic and international vector species and populations and organize implementation sanitary supervision and control measures.
5. Work together with the animal and plant supervision sections to carry out qualification test and certification of the management of the whole province's entry and exit hygiene and sanitation treatment and the whole provincial's inspection and quarantine hygiene and sanitation treatment units and individuals. Organize scientific research, development of solutions and popularization of sanitary disposal methods.
6. Be responsible for entry and exit examination and approval of microorganisms, human tissues, organs, blood and blood products, biological products and other special items. 7. Be responsible for the management of the national key laboratory of vector biology and the guidance, coordination and supervision of relevant laboratories in this system. Assist relevant departments to carry out examination and qualification accreditation of authorized signatories and quarantine physicians.
8. Undertake domestic and international collaboration and technical exchanges on territory health quarantine.
9. Undertake the survey and treatment of major health quarantine issues and food-borne diseases.
10. Be responsible for publicity and promotion of health quarantine-related practices, standards, technologies and regulations.
11. Collaborate with relevant departments to supervise and inspect the inspection and quarantine work, survey and handle major issues.
12. Be responsible for statistics and reporting of the whole province's health quarantine information.
13. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Ding Yongjian
Subordinate Sections: Health Supervision Section, Infectious Disease Supervision Section, Health Inspection and Quarantine Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345043