Food Supervision Department

1. Implement the AQSIQ rules, systems, management methods and relevant work programs and plans on safety, health, inspection, quarantine and quality surveillance of import and export food and cosmetics; research and develop the work specifications and implementation methods of Jiangsu Province on entry-exit food and cosmetics and organize their implementation.
2. Manage and inspect the inspection and quarantine of Jiangsu Province's entry-exit food and cosmetics, including new resource food. Be responsible for the supervision and management of the import and export food and cosmetics labels, collaborate with relevant departments to supervise the management of inspection and quarantine signs, seals and batch and management of specimen and samples, and the province's food safety-related work.
3. Be responsible for collection, statistics, analysis, notification and reporting of the domestic and international information on epidemic situation, toxic and hazardous substances information, inspection and quarantine requirements of domestic and international food and cosmetics inspection and quarantine, Jiangsu Province's import and export food and cosmetics epidemic outbreak interception, inspection information of toxic and hazardous materials.
4. Organize implementation of import and export food and cosmetics safety and health risk analysis, risk alert and risk control.
5. Organize implementation of the plans on safety and hygiene monitoring and control of import and export food (including epidemic disease monitoring, residue monitoring, microbial monitoring, etc.) and the management of import and export food sources, organize or manage quarantine registration and follow-up monitoring of relevant enterprises. 6. Be responsible for the supervision of the review, approval and verification of inspection and quarantine of imported food and cosmetics, undertake the offshore pre-inspection, inspection of stowage and follow-up management of imported food and cosmetics.
7. Be responsible for management of the routine monitoring of the units and sites for production, processing, storage, operation of import and export food and cosmetics; be responsible for registration and supervision of the quarantine of the designated enterprises of imported animal and plant derived food in the authorized scope; collaborate the relevant departments to carry out registration and supervision of quarantine and hygiene of import and export food and cosmetics enterprises.
8. Be responsible for cooperation and technical exchanges with domestic and international counterparts on food and cosmetics safety; in conjunction with relevant departments, organize the implementation of international treaties and agreements on food safety.
9. Be responsible for supervision and inspection of quality, inspection and quarantine of products concerned, and the investigation and disposal of major quality issues on inspection and quarantine of import and export food and cosmetics, safety and health incidents, food-borne pollution sources.
10. Be responsible for implementation of the methods, standards, and technical regulations on safety inspection and quarantine of import and export food and cosmetics, scientific research, dissemination and application of them; assist the relevant science and technology commissions to work.
11. Be responsible for business coordination and supervision of laboratories concerned in this system. Assist the relevant departments to assess and certify the qualification of the authorized signatories on inspection and quarantine, assist the relevant departments to provide training, qualification test and certification of inspection and quarantine personnel for import and export food and cosmetics.
12. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Remark: The list of food responsible by the Food Supervision Department corresponds to the products controlled by AQSIQ Import and Export Food Safety Bureau. It includes: Meat and meat products (including animal organs), aquatic animal and plant products, milk and dairy products, eggs and their products, bee products, sausage, edible animal and vegetable oils, peanuts and its products, vegetables and products (fruit, leaves, roots, stems, excluding potatoes), herbs, canned food, edible animal and plant protein and products, flour and grain products, cereals (including sorghum, buckwheat, peas, green beans, red beans, etc. ), oilseeds and oil type products (excluding soybean, rapeseed), dried nuts, kernel class (including a variety of seeds, almonds, etc. ), tea, cocoa, coffee raw materials and their products, malt, hops, beverage, alcohol, sugar, spices, pickles, food additives, pastries and other snack foods, health food, new food resources (including genetically modified foods, functional foods, etc. ), cigarettes, sales-used food packages, containers, utensils and packaging materials.
Department Head: Chen Wangming
Subordinate Sections: Plant Food Section, Industrial Food Section, Veterinary Food Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345047