Certification Supervision Department

1. Manage and organize the implementation of export quarantine and hygiene registration and export safety quality licensing, quality certification and accreditation.
2. Manage and supervise the work of the accreditation and certification agencies; direct and coordinate the certification and accreditation of imports and exports.
3. Undertake AQSIQ-assigned certified and accredited international cooperation agreement items; participate in international conferences on certification and accreditation.
4. Be responsible for exit verification of Chinese exports using foreign certification marks and assist the relevant departments to fight against counterfeit certification marks.
5. Manage and organize implementation of quarantine and hygiene registration of export food factories and warehouses, review and recommend export-oriented food processing enterprises for foreign registration, collaborate with relevant departments to register port health quarantine and quarantine of entry and exit animals and plants and their products.
6. Register sanitation treatment agencies.
7. Be responsible for business guidance and coordination for the certification-related laboratories in this system.
8. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Zhao Jinwei
Subordinate Sections: Hygiene Registration Section, Quality Licensing Section, Registration Section of Exports
Contact Phone: 025-52345079