Personnel Department

1. Develop this system's cadre team development plan, leadership team construction plan and personnel management rules and regulations.
2. Undertake this system's functional arrangement, organizational setup, and staffing; divide the responsibilities of sections, offices and units directly under this bureau.
3. Undertake the assessment, transfer and assignment of leaders of the sections, offices, units directly this bureau and its branches. ; undertake construction and management of the section-level reserve cadres of this system.
4. Implement the national public servant system; undertake and manage the administration position classification of this system.
5. Undertake or manage the recruitment, transfer, appointment, removal, assessment, retirement, resignation, dismissal of staff in this system.
6. Make a centralized management of incentives; assist the relevant departments to punish cadres and accept relevant complaints and appeals.
7. Undertake or manage this system's personnel records; be responsible for political review of the staff.
8. Develop this system's education and training planning, plans and management methods and organize their implementation.
9. Make a centralized management of the pro-post assessment and certificate issuance of specialized technical personnel of this system, appraise job titles.
10. Undertake the selection, cultivation and management of leaders in their chosen field of learning; undertake selection and reporting of excellent personnel such as experts with outstanding contribution.
11. Be responsible for organization, coordination and management of the doctoral workstation.
12. Implement AQSIQ's labor and wage management regulations; be responsible for this bureau's wage adjustment; direct the wage work of branch bureaus; prepare and report the annual wage plans of this bureau and this system and assist the relevant departments to manage the welfare for staff and workers.
13. Be responsible for statistics of this system including staffing, organizational structuring, labor and wage, education and training.
14. Manage the recruitment of this bureau and direct the recruitment of its branches; undertake the examination and assignment of grade or level of workers.
15. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Zhu Ronghua
Subordinate Sections: Cadres Section I, Cadres Section II, Education Section, Branch, Labor and Capital Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345103