1. Assist the bureau leadership to coordinate and handle the bureau affairs, develop this bureau's operating rules and regulations and supervise their implementation.
2. Be responsible for the secretary work of the Party group meetings, bureau-wide meetings and bureau director' office meetings, prepare summary records of meetings and organize important bureau meetings.
3. Develop this bureau's working regulations on supervision and inspection, supervise and inspect the implementation of the relevant organs with the great decisions, important work arrangements, meeting decisions of AQSIQ, and the decisions and work arrangements of the Party group of this bureau.
4. Draft or revise important bureau documents, reports, summaries, plans and bureau leaders' important speeches.
5. Be responsible for this bureau’s documentation management, guide this system’s documentation management and handle the receipt and issuance of documents.
6. Be responsible for this bureau and guide this system's confidential information, files and secrecy.
7. Be responsible for this system's government affair information and news propaganda.
8. Coordinate relevant departments and urge the inspection of this bureau's security guard, organize this bureau's routine uniform inspection, take charge of preparation, issuance and management of certificates of service.
9. Be responsible for administrative reception and foreign affairs.
10. Take charge of this bureau's and guide this system's quality system operation.
11. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Office Head: Wang Jin
Subordinate Sections: Secretariat, Integrated Management Section, Information Publicity Section, Section of Receiving for Foreign Affairs (Security Section)
Contact Phone: 025-52345020