Retired Cadres Department

1. Develop the work planning, plans, rules and regulations for this bureau's retired cadres and organize their implementation.
2. Carry out the political and living treatment due to enjoy for the retired cadres in accordance with relevant regulations.
3. Strengthen the Party branch construction of the retired cadres and help them live a nice organizational life, and organize the retired cadres to read and learn relevant documents; undertake the collective learning and meetings held by this bureau organs for the retired cadres.
4. Be responsible for visit, recuperation and other activities of retired cadres and do a good job in visiting them.
5. Guide the work of retired cadres of this system.
6. Prepare and report the appropriation budget and use plans of this bureau's retired cadres.
7. Be responsible for statistical management of the retired cadres in this system.
8. Collaborate with relevant departments to go through the matters of wedding, funeral, maintenance (support) and social security of the retired cadres.
9. Undertake the routine work of the organ's commission for the senior.
10. Undertake other matters assigned by this bureau leadership.
Department Head: Pan Zeming
Contact Phone: 025-52345156