Inspection and Appraisal Department

1. Implement the national planning, plans, rules and regulations on inspection and testing of imports and exports, research and develop Jiangsu's rules and implementation methods for inspection and appraisal of imports and exports, and organize their implementation.
2. Manage inspection and appraisal of imports and exports; manage first appraisal of goods exempted from testing, report and make re-inspection; manage the inspection of materials for foreign aid.
3. Manage the inspection signs, labels, batch and specimen of export commodities; manage the entry verification of civil commodities that are subject to import licensing; assist the relevant departments in the fight against counterfeit and shoddy products and protecting consumers' interests.
4. Conduct classified management of industrial manufacturers for export and the enterprises receiving and using imports; examine and rate enterprises' laboratories; be responsible for business guidance, coordination and supervision of laboratories concerned in this system.
5. Collaborate with relevant departments in supervising the quality and inspection of the commodities under management; survey and handle major issues appearing in inspection and appraisal.
6. Be responsible for inspection and quarantine management of transportation vehicles, containers and imported waste.
7. Be responsible for management of inspection of dangerous articles package and food package, examination and issuance of quality permits for dangerous articles package export enterprises, examination of registration of import and export food package enterprises and relevant permit issuance.
8. Manage appraisal of import and export commodities and appraisal of foreign invested properties.
9. Be responsible for examination, qualification certification of inspection and appraisal persons, and issuance of relevant certificates to them; collaborate with relevant departments to organize examination and qualification certification of the inspection and quarantine persons of transportation vehicles and container.
10. Undertake international technical exchange and cooperation on inspection and appraisal.
11. Supervise and manage the inspection and certifying agencies of import and export commodities.
12. Be responsible for the management functions of this system such as planning the quality objectives and core processes of the quality system, planning the product realization, customer-related process, production and service provision, supervision and measurement, control and improvement of nonconformity, and other relevant functions.
13. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Li Xiaojin
Subordinate Sections: Electrical and Mechanical Section, Textile Section, Chemical and Mining Section, Appraisal Section, General Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345067