Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association

1. Give publicity to the state policies and regulations on entry and exit inspection and quarantine; provide advice on inspection and quarantine policies and regulations.
2. Organize compiling, publishing inspection and quarantine-related books, translations, and information.
3. Be responsible for editing and releasing entry and exit inspection and quarantine information.
4. Carry out liaison, exchanges and collaboration with provincial, domestic and international counterparts.
5. Provide technical services relating to entry and exit inspection and quarantine.
6. Provide advice and services on ISO9000, ISO14000, etc.
7. Tap the overseas market of inspection, quarantine and appraisal.
8. Provide epidemic information for international travelers.
9. Provide advice and give publicity to health care and provide services on travel healthcare medicines, medical insurance and so on.
10. Undertake research and development of health quarantine technology, provide technical services and give technical direction.
11. Undertake training of professionals.
12. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Association Head: Yin Yaowen
Subordinate Sections: Liaison Department, Propaganda Department, Business Department and Health Protection Sub-association
Address: No. 1, Baixia Road, Nanjing City
Contact Phone: 025-52345733