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Over these years, Jiangsu Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has trustily performed its duties on supervision of economy concerning foreign nations and administrative execution, been strict in inspection and quarantine in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, strengthened inspection, appraisal and supervision of entry and exit health quarantine, quarantine of animals and plants, inspection and testing of imports and exports of Jiangsu, organized hygiene registration, export safety quality licensing, import and export-related quality accreditation and certification down-to-earth. As a result, it has made outstanding contribution to guarantee production safety of industry, agriculture, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, safeguard people's health and promote development of the open economy. Targeting to develop topping inspection and quarantine capability and topping staff team in the 21st century, Jiangsu Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau implements the three strategies of "competing by high quality, booming inspection and quarantine business by scientific research and education and keeping innovation", actively strengthens its exchanges and cooperation with relevant organizations and agencies at home and abroad to learn from them and improve own capability. So far, our bureau has 19 branch bureaus and 48 section-level offices throughout the whole province, and all of them have passed the quality system certification. We have formed a province-cross inspection and quarantine supervision network featuring reasonable distribution, complete functions, and scientific management. The provincial system consists of 2460 cadres and workers, 95.2% of whom are with the educational background of college or above and 378 are with master's degree or doctoral degree. The provincial system has 65 registered laboratories, which, except for some newly established laboratories, have passed CNAS accreditation and China Metrology Accreditation.