Monitoring Office

1. Implement the decisions and instructions of the AQSIQ monitoring office, the provincial bureau Party group, the provincial discipline committee and the provincial supervision department, develop this bureau's discipline inspection and administration supervision rules and regulations and working schemes in consideration of the actuality of this bureau, and organize their implementation.
2. Inspect and direct this bureau's discipline supervision; be responsible for publicity and education of discipline inspection and supervision policies, guidelines, Party's work style and Party discipline, anti-corruption.
3. Organize and participate in review and inspection of honesty and self-discipline of section-level cadres; organize coordination for and participate in case investigation.
4. Organize case review, put forward disposal suggestions, and submit the suggestions to this bureau's case review panel for discussion and making decisions.
5. Organize and participate in correction of unhealthy tendency of the industry, and supervision of administration.
6. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Office Head: Bian Zhonglin
Subordinate Sections: Inspection Section, Rectifying Section, Audit Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345134