Inspection Department

1. According to the superior's arrangement, draft this system's statutory construction plan (planning), organize drafting general regulatory documents and working system on inspection and quarantine, participate in drafting and reviewing single inspection and quarantine regulatory documents and business systems.
2. Undertake the work to solicit opinions on the relevant regulations, rules and other regulatory documents of the local people's congress, the local government and AQSIQ.
3. Manage this system's legal advocacy and training, undertake this bureau's responsible legal training and organize the legal knowledge test of this system.
4. Manage and direct this system's inspection and quarantine administrative penalty, organize punishment of violations in the provincial inspection and quarantine certification and accreditation.
5. Manage and direct this system's administrative response, reception of judicial investigation, going through this bureau's administrative reconsideration, administrative response and reception of judicial investigation.
6. Manage the province's enforcement supervision and inspection, organize the provincial integrated enforcement supervision and inspection of enforcement on inspection and quarantine (such as the "quality month" activity).
7. Be responsible for the quality system management of the provincial bureau organs and this system.
8. Accept information against inspection and quarantine violations, complaints on inspection and quarantine work and relevant investigation and punishment.
9. Provide clues on the internal workers' suspected violations discovered in administrative enforcement to this bureau's discipline inspection and supervision authority and provide necessary assistance.
10. Be responsible for overall coordination of the legal work of this system and the investigation and handling of trans-provincial cases.
11. Act as the centralized management unit of this system in rectifying and regulating the market economic order, fighting against counterfeited and shabby products, protecting intellectual property and so on and organize relevant inspection and handling in accordance with the deployment of AQSIQ and Jiangsu Provincial Government.
12. Act as the centralized management unit of this system in making government affairs public, administrative licensing, and organize the theoretical research of policies of the whole provincial system.
13. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Shen Yifeng
Subordinate Sections: Policies and Regulations Section, Enforcement Supervision Section, Enforcement Inspection Section, Quality System Office
Contact Phone: 025-52345037 025-52345035