Integrated Legal Management Department

1. Develop this system's integrated business, certification of certificates, identification of marks according to AQSIQ, follow the management regulations and organize their implementation.
2. Manage the implementation of this system's entry and exit inspection and quarantine catalog and put forward suggestions on adjusting the inspection and quarantine catalog to AQSIQ.
3. Be responsible for the overall coordination of the inspection and quarantine services; draft the comprehensive business documents such as this bureau's business message and leaders' speeches, and compose comprehensive analysis documents of the business.
4. Manage the business statistics of this system; be responsible for data statistics, overall summarization and analysis of business information.
5. Organize the centralized management of inspection and quarantine application, approval, charging, approval process, certificates, seals, marks, signs, labels.
6. Manage certificate signatories.
7. Manage the origin business, Chinese Geographical Indications Products concerned in this system.
8. Regulate the social service agencies relating to inspection and quarantine customs declaration according to the AQSIQ requirements.
9. Be responsible for this system's port opening management and port business coordination.
10. Be responsible for the integrated and coordinated management of inspection and quarantine business of the bonded areas, export processing zones and one-stop customs supervision spots.
11. Organize, coordinate and manage the Great Customs Clearance of this system.
12. Undertake other matters assigned by the leadership.
Department Head: Liu Xiufang
Subordinate Sections: Port Management Section, Inspection Services Section, Statistics Section
Contact Phone: 025-52345035