Financial Department

1. Develop this system's financial, accounting and capital construction, national asset management methods in accordance with the relevant state policies, laws, regulations and the relevant regulations of AQSIQ.
2. Be responsible for this system's financial budget and final accounting; audit and issue this system's annual financial budgets.
3. Be responsible for preparation, review and issue of this system's annual capital construction project planning and fund plans; be responsible for capital construction budget and final accounting; be responsible for management of capital construction projects.
4. Be responsible for management of distribution and use of administrative and institutional fee collection receipts.
5. Be responsible for the guidance and supervision of this system's financial management.
6. Be responsible for this bureau's accounting, collaborate with relevant departments on welfare of staff and workers; be responsible for the planning and management of the uniform for this system's working personnel; collaborate with relevant departments to develop this bureau's expenditure management methods and undertake the examination and approval and reimbursement of the expenditure.
7. Develop this system's financial inspection and internal audit; assist relevant departments to conduct special inspection and internal audit to address financial violations. 8. Be responsible for management of this system's state-owned assets and the guidance of this bureau's staff housing institutional reform.
9. Collaborate with relevant departments to review the performance and audit the qualification of this system's financial staff.
10. Collaborate with the relevant departments to prepare the laboratory instrument and equipment provision plans and arrange the funding for the instruments and equipment to buy. 11. Be responsible for the financial supervision, direction and coordination of this bureau's enterprises and institutions.
12. Undertake other matters assigned by this bureau leadership.
Department Head: Zhao Bin
Subordinate Sections: Planning Section, Financial Section, National Asset Management Section, Financial Management Center of Enterprise and Institutions (governing Accounting Section and General Section)
Contact Phone: 025-52345114